Sunday, March 11, 2007

On Two Wheels

Today we started the day with an egg. Just the one. Mind you it was a monster goose egg; or was it dinosaur??

Looking out we saw some sunshine, and it was fairly mild too. So no better excuse than to entertain the fine folk of Grandborough with a demonstration of Pinky & Perky On Two Wheels. Thomas is still something of a novice cyclist, but with a bit of guidance eventually got the hang of peddling - even tried to run over dad - complete with very expensive camera. You can find more pictures of the fun on our Picasa web-album

And talking of which, once we were home Rosie insisted in having a lesson in using daddy's camera. You'd think a digital SLR a little too bulky for such delicate fingers, but I think the girl's a natural. She took this delightful portrait of Mum, Dad & Brother. Shame the little man was rustling up a snack at the time....

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