Monday, February 12, 2007

Thomas' Birthday

The little man's birthday started early - mainly due to Rosie's excitement. However, prezzies were being opened just after 7:30 am. Inevitably, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends appeared as gifts - but there were many other goodies too.

After breakfast we packed up the car and headed off to Leicester, and the National Space Centre to explore the planets, clamber over space ships, and enjoy a 'Fulldome' feature which had us believing we were floating through space ourselves.

All this and a blow out a Pizza Hut to end a memorable day.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow Fun

Hurray, proper snow.

We had about 7 - 10cm fall overnight, and a white covering on the green greeted us as the curtains were opened at around 6.45 am. Despite a little initial reluctance to get out of bed ("I don't like snow, Daddy"), Rosie was up and dressed by quarter past seven. Just in time for her teacher to telephone through the news that all school children dream of .... No School Today!!

So poor old Paddy had to crawl down the lane with the car sliding about on the way to work. But Pinky & Perky got to play in the snow and build a snow man. Whilst Lucy lost all feeling in her feet, the kids seemed oblivious to the sub-zero temperatures...