Sunday, February 24, 2008


Simple word of warning.

Don't leave the custard in the microwave for too long.

Now you know why

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thomas' birthday party

After a great day at the 'dinosaur museum' on Tuesday, Thomas has been opening presents every day since.

And today saw the climax of nearly a whole week of celebration, when selected guests joined Mr. T. at Clown In Around
going wild on all the soft-play equipment, then chowing down for a birthday feast.

And not to forget, as always.

C A K E !

This one was a superb home-made creation which Thomas helped Grandma make. The lad has a future in catering ahead of him, though more Delia than Jamie.

More pictures can be found by clicking here

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thomas is 4

A great birthday for the little man. It started with just a few presents at breakfast time.

Then we piled out of the house for an earlyish start, and headed for that-there London. After the excitement of a train journey and a trip on the underground we enjoyed the rest of the day at the Natural History Museum in London. AKA The Dinosaur Museum, for obvious reasons.

Here Thomas finally came face to face with his beloved dinos. The full size moving replica of a T-Rex was a little bit too much for him, and he scaled up Dad's leg, but that was soon behind us, and after a light lunch where else to head but the creepy crawlie section.

The visit was completed in the mammal section, where we were treated to all kinds of huge beasts including elephants and a blue whale.

On heading back to the midlands we stopped off at a carvery for a full-on sunday roast with all trimmings. Not bad for a Tuesday; and the birthday party has still to come!!

More piccies here

It's behind you Thomas!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

New Moon

Just had to share this view looking out of the village tonight. A crisp late winter / early spring evening, with the air cool and clear, the ghoustly glow of lights in the distant barn, and the new moon following the setting sun.