Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Rest of the Christmas holiday

Boxing Day

On Boxing Day morning we loaded the car and headed down to see Nanny & Grandad for a couple of days. We enjoyed another Christmas dinner, and had more presents.

And we even had time to get out into the fresh K
entish air - and play on the swings and slides!!

December 27th

Uncle Nigel & Aunty Paula were our hosts. Yes more presents were exchanged. Aunty Paula cooked a lovely meal; Daddy & Uncle Nigel drank too much. And five cousins had fun together.

Archie's Bob The Builder toolset was particularly cool.

December 29th

The car was loaded again and we headed to the south coast to see more rellies. More pressies, more eating and drinking. On Saturday we went for a drive to Camber Sands. The wind was howling in off the channel, so we never got to enjoy Uncle Dave's cook-up from the back of his 4x4.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

Christmas morning, Rosie woke at 03.30 or there abouts. She was returned to bed, without futher discussion, missing the fact that Chrismas Stockings were about.

It was gone 08:00 before either Rosie or Thomas clicked that it was a 'special day' and thus finally surfaced. It nearly like habving teenagers without thye acne. However, within minutes presents were unwrapped, with some vigour.

Thanks to some neighbours across the geeen , the afternon was written off due to the demon drink. Although it did involve a tour of the tipples of nothern Europe.

You can see more pictures of the fun on Christmas morning by clicking here

Christmas Eve

We all wrapped up and trooped off to St Peter's church, Grandborough for the candle-light Christmas Carol service. Paddy did one of the readings - (Isaiah Ch 60, v 1-5). The church looks wonderful, lit entirely by candles. Mind you it makes it difficult to see the words of the carols!

Once home it was time to leave a mince pie and drink out for Father Christmas - and a carrot for Rudolph.

Rosie and Thomas must have been good, beacuse in the middle of the night, the tree got surrounded by presents.

And the mince pie, drink & carrot dissapeared.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

On a cold foggy morning, Rosie, Thomas & Daddy went out & about delivering cards in the village. We were well wrapped to cope with the cold.

Another group of villagers had found a quicker way to deliver their cards...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Tree

Well, the tree has been up for 3 days now, and Thomas hasn't even attempted to pull it down yet. In fact he's found some fancy ribbon and keeps using it as additional decorations.

I suspect once some presents appear under the tree he wont behave so well....

Monday, December 18, 2006

Update on Junior

Today (Monday) we paid the ultrasound dept at Warwick hospital a visit. Junior is doing fine - and was incredibly active during the scan. No sooner did the sonographer (??) get a clear image when he/she would wriggle out of view again.

Here's the latest picture...

Christingles At Flecknoe

A first attempt at blogging, and a chance to share some new pictures, and tell you about our weekend.

On Saturday we went to a Christingle workshop at St. Mark's church, Flecknoe. Rosie & Thomas joined other local children in making a huge pile of Christingles. Thomas didn't quite understand that he shouldn't be eating the sweets yet.

He did have a big hug - and carry about - with Rev. Jane. I hope she didn't do herself an injury.

On Sunnday we returned to St. Mark's for the Christingle service. Small children and lighted candles - how worrying is that. Thanks to Brian who helped me wrangle the two little pyromaniacs.