Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fluff Weekend #2

Sunday was a little bit quieter.

Rosie, Daddy & Fluff went ot church first thing; Fluff was so impressed by the tall tower at Princethorpe that he had to have is photo taken outside. Howeer, the tower was too tall to fit it all in.

We had lunch in the village pub, The Shoulder of Mutton. It's just been taken over by a family who moved from close-by in Rugby. Paul the landlord is a chef of some 25 years experience. With trying to get a new business onto it's feet he's kept the Sunday menu simple, just 5 dishes on each of the starter, main & dessert menus. The food was superb; the rib of beef melted in your mouth, the salmon exquisite, and the veg still al dente. Oh, and dessert was scrummy too.

In the afternnon, Fluff helped with Rosie's homework - including the counting game from school. Then we wrote up Fluff's diary.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fluff Weekend #1

A special treat this week-end; Rosie got to take Fluff home. Fluff is the school Teddy, and if the children are good they all get a turn to look after Fluff for a whole weekend.

Saturday was very busy ! After a huge breakfast of pancakes, sausages & maple syrup, Rosie went off to her ususal swimming lesson - with Daddy providing the taxi service.

But the high-point of the day was not one but two parties. At 1.00pm was the Grandborough village party - a kind of belated Christmas bash. After lashing of yummy party food we were entertained by a magician. And Rosie & Thomas even got close to his bunny rabbit.

No sooner had that finished when we all bundled into the car to head off to Clowning Around (a play-barn) for a friends birthday bash - phew. No wonder bed-time came early.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Paddy's Birthday

The birthday lie in was ruined at around 5:30 am when both Rosie and Thomas came trotting into the bedroom. They were dispatched back to bed, but by 6:45 they were back and in there was 4 in the bed!

As you'd expect the rest of the day was spent idly enjoying leisure activities. Not a hope. A trip to Ikea to damage the credit card in the name of finishing the bedroom refurb.

There's a photo, taken to mark the occasion showing me by the checkouts with a trolley full. Once I work out how to get it off the camera I'll post it.

However, later in the day I was treated to plenty of nice prezzies; lots of cards. And a lovely chocolate C A K E. Everyone knows that all calories consumed on your birthday are free!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

New Year's day. A chance to get out in the fresh air and take a walk in the wonderful countryside around our village. Firstly we took Thomas' new scooter for a test ride. Then we walked our wellies off on the fields around Grandborough. Bliss.