Monday, May 14, 2012


Here's the first photo of the newest addition to the household

That's it, check the posting date, NOT 1st April.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Fluffy Weekend

It's Joseph's weekend with Fluff, the reception year teddy from Leamington Hastings School. And since saturday is a mad, mad busy day Chez O'Reilly, there was no rest for the little fella.

First stop, Southam Leasuire Centre for swimming lessons....

Joseph has been doing so well, that he got moved up a group - next time he'll be wearing his new orange cap.

Moving swiftly on we went to the barber shop in Southam where Joseph had a USMC style crew cut. Luckily, Fluff's fluff remained untouched.

Next stop, the library where we used one of those computer thingies to check books out and in. What ever happened to librarians??

And to finish off the morning what better than a spot of lunch outdoors. And what better still than fish & chips.

Sunday morning was very easy-going with a late breakfast of pancakes made by Rosie, followed by some phonics practice for Joseph. Then it was into our best clothes and off to Krista's party, where we had fun, good food and...

A Mad Scientist to entertain us all